Help for RegReminder Lite (free version)


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Only Super Administrators are able to send reminder notifications


Delete Users - Set this to true to enable users to be deleted. Note that users will only be deleted if the number of days defined in the parameter ‘Days before next reminder is sent or users deleted’ has passed since the maximum number of notification have been sent.

BCC Admin Blind cc the Website Administrator(s) for the reminder emails

Days before next reminder is sent or users deleted  The number of days before a user can be deleted


Maximum Emails - This sets the maximum number of emails that can be sent in a single instance. This is important as many hosting companies have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent per hour (or day). By default this value is set to the low number of 20.

Use Community Builder Activation - If you are using the Community Builder component on your website to manage users then set this option to 'yes' to create a valid link in the reminder email. By Default the Joomla registration/activation link is used


1 Setup your parameters
2 Click on the View Reminders & Deletions Actions toolbar button. This will display a list of users who have registered and who have not activated their accounts. In the far right hand column (Action to Perform) it will display the action the component will take. The three possible actions available are No Action, Send a Reminder or Delete User. Note that none of these actions will be performed until the Execute Action toolbar button is pressed.
3 Click the Execute Action toolbar button. Once this button is clicked Reminder emails will be sent and users deleted (if you have enable this in the Parameters screen. A list of the actions will be displayed when the button has been pressed.

Test Email

The Test Email toolbar button will send a test email to the logged in user.


For additional functionality please purchase the Full Version


Change Log

This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for
RegReminder, including beta and release candidate versions.

-------------------- 0.1.0 [28 March 2010] -------------------
! First public release of this component.

-------------------- 0.1.1 [1 April 2010] -------------------
! Fixed issue with check on success email

-------------------- 0.2.1 [3 April 2010] -------------------
! Added option to limit the number of emails that are sent
! Added option to send community builder activation link
! Added dutch language file

-------------------- 0.2.2 [5 April 2010] -------------------
! Added language support files for Spanish, Italian and German
! Fixed issue with text email

-------------------- 0.3.2 [16 May 2010] -------------------
! Send reminders to users who have activated their accounts but never logged in. (Standard version only)
! Set how many reminders emails are sent to a user before their account is removed. (Standard version only)
! Identifies which users have active accounts but never logged in (Standard version only)

-------------------- 0.3.3 [17 May 2010] -------------------
! Fix to Community Builder for users who have activated account but never logged in
! Fixed issue when action for users who have successfully logged in was displaying incorrectly

-------------------- 0.3.4 [18 May 2010] -------------------
! Added French translation
! Fixes to Danish and German translations

-------------------- 0.3.5 [19 May 2010] -------------------
! Fixed issues with blank page appearing if running with php4 (previously worked ok with php5)

-------------------- 0.3.6 [1 June 2010] -------------------
! Fixed issues emails always being bcc to admin

-------------------- 0.3.7 [13 July 2010] -------------------
! Fixed typo in english email subject line
! Fixed issue with Italian translation
! Added Russian translation

-------------------- 0.3.8 [14 July 2010] -------------------
! minor fixes

-------------------- [4 August 2010] -------------------
! minor fixes and interface update

-------------------- [5 August 2010] -------------------
! bug fix for parameter button, incorrect url if joomla installation is in a sub directory

-------------------- [9 August 2010] -------------------
! Update existing language files
! Added Swedish language

-------------------- [14 August 2010] -------------------
! Fixed issue when installing new version and the old history/status was deleted. History/status will no longer be deleted when installing a new version/update

-------------------- [22 August 2010] -------------------
! Updated acknowledgment for images